indivisible cities is a visual and cultural exchange focusing on artistic interventions in the urban landscape. creating itself out of the margins of our cities is a community of people, more precisely it is a community of actions, a floating world of ephemera and physical markings made by people who have decided to become active citizens in creating their visual landscape. everytime someone reappropriates a billboard for his or her own needs, scrawls their alias across a highway overpass, or uses city walls as a sounding board for their thoughts and images - for messages that need realization, they are participating in this community. they are circumscribing a link to every other person who believes that the vitality of our public spaces is directly related to the public participating in the incessant creation and re-creation of those spaces.

we are proposing a way for this community to connect and grow without regard for physical or geographical borders. through the cooperation of people in different locations all over the world who are willing to participate by executing projects sent to them, and who would like to see their own impulses carried out on the streets of cities they may have never even seen. this is a one-on-one personal exchange, where the result of one person's interpretation of another's work is part of the project.

you do not need to have a background in street art, you do not even need to be an artist, all you need is an idea about creation in public spaces. each person who contributes a project will receive a project to carry out in return. you will then need to document the finished product and send the photo back to us.

the documentation will be shown as part of an exhibiton in berlin, germany as well as the TOYSHOP/indivisible cities website, where people can reconnect with their work and see how it has been translated through the hands of another artist in another place. the body of documentation and some work will be exhibited from august 20th to september 20th at the Kunstamt Kreuzberg in berlin, germany as a part of the "backjumps: the live issue" show.