According to legend, a motley group of bandits took over a large ferry docked at Battery Park City off the coast of lower Manhattan on June 15th, 2003. Refusing to pay all tolls and tariffs, the group demanded that the sea-worthy vessel redirect its course and depart immediately for a southerly route.
The seas were angry but the sky was pleasant. Despite prolonged tribulations aboard the rocky vessel, there was much merrymaking to be had. Pirate spirit in the heels of the dancing swashbucklers shivered the planks atop the mother sea.
Once the ship reached soil, the brigade commenced setting up a pirate utopia, docking a flag and naming the territory Staten Island. There were feasts to be eaten and buried treasure to be exhumed. There was seducing and dueling, dancing and pillaging to be had. The mayhem carried on into the wee wee hours of the night upon whence the colony of pirates of Staten Island vanished mysteriously.
No evidence was left behind but many a local claim that on a calm June night if you listen hard enough you can hear the soulful tune of an accordion whistling among the trees.

If you know what is best for you arrive promptly on Sunday the 15th of June at 6:30 PM at State and Water, the East Side of Battery Park. Look for the Jolly Rogers Flag and a band of mischievous buccaneers. Come in your best piratical attire and bring provisions for the feast.
This event is part of the International Pirate Art Festival.

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