• TOYSHOP/glowlab may project: psy.geo.conflux event (seen in the Village Voice)
• TOYSHOP june project: The Pirates of the Staten Island Ferry
• TOYSHOP/bike summer july project: bike tour graffiti hall of fame
• TOYSHOP august project: street bad-ass-minton tournament
• TOYSHOP/madagascar institute/WAMP august project: the condiment war in DUMBO
TOYSHOP/creative resistance workshop august project: abc no rio on rivington
• TOYSHOP/Time's Up september project: critical cacophony (critical mass)
• TOYSHOP october project: children's billboards

• TOYSHOP international project: indivisible cities
photos from the indivisible cities project and exhibition

• TOYSHOP project: mud wrestling in the DIA Art Foundation's "earth room"
• TOYSHOP/glowlab may project: zeotropes for the psy.geo.conflux conference
• TOYSHOP/Black Label Bicycle Club project: "whack-a-girl" event
• TOYSHOP project: mural for the second annual Bike Kill presented by Black Label

video from: mud-wrestling in the DIA "Earth Room"
photos from: the mural for Black Label's Bike Kill

photos from: the going away mural
photos from: the zeotropes project for the 2004 psy.geo.conflux conference

photos from: the "best idea ever" party
photos from: the <Q> train farewell party
photos from: the idiotarod
photos from: the children's billboard project
photos from: the indivisible cities exhibit as part of the backjumps show in berlin
photos from: the condiment war
photos from: the bad-ass-miton street tournament
from: The Pirates of the Staten Island Ferry
photos from: the noise parade for glowlab's psy.geo.conflux conference 2003






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